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The capital of Thailand is Bangkok. Bangkok is the preferred destination of all Bangladeshis for low-cost foreign travel. The cost of accommodation and sightseeing here is comparatively less than other countries. Therefore, Bangladeshi tourists are most interested in visiting Thailand. Our post provides a good guide on how to travel around Thailand on your own on a budget. Hopefully you will get a clear idea from here, then feel free to contact us if you have any queries. SIC Tour & Travel always provides all kinds of free of cost tour guide to the tourists.

How to travel Bangkok?

Different airlines offer great deals to fly from Dubai to Bangkok at different times of the year. Now if you want to visit Bangkok then the minimum air fare budget should be USD 250 for one way and USD 450 for both way. Sometimes few airlines used to give offer. So if you want to take the offer during the year then you can keep an eye on the facebook page of these airlines or you can keep an eye on our page. We can provide full support for your ticket purchase.
The best way to travel to Thailand is to go on a group tour. If you can't do that, then try to give the tour as a couple, then your expenses will be reduced to a large extent. We will provide complete guidance on how to reduce costs. Things to keep in mind before traveling:

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What to do before traveling:

Ask a trusted travel agency to do the visa only. If you don't know, then you can take opinions from people around you. If not, we will. It depends on the travel period and the embassy and travel agency. What documents are required for visa are given in the link. Download and see.

Tourist Visa (TR) - Documents Multiple Entry Tourist Visa (METV) Documents
If you want to travel to Bangkok, you can book your hotel from at least three months before your trip, the cost of hotel booking will be greatly reduced. If you only want to visit Bangkok, you should definitely book a hotel around MBK Center or Siam Paragon in Bangkok. We have 10% discount on many hotels on, you can also avail that benefit from us. It is best if you plan the tour 3 months in advance, then you will get cheap hotel, very good quality hotel for 2000 rupees per night. Many agencies book hotels far away from Bangkok where the fares are very low. You can get hotels for 1500 taka per night but if you stay in those hotels then the places where you will go shopping or sightseeing will be far away and your travel cost will increase a lot. So take care of that.


Bangkok Tour Details

International flights from any country land at any of the two international airports in Bangkok, one is Suvarnabhumi International Airport and the other is Don Mueang International Airport. Usually most asian flights land at Don Mueang international airport. Air Asia lands at Don Mueang International Airport. From the airport you will go through Immigration and take your bag from the baggage counter. There is no need to go to the baggage counter if you do not carry hand luggage weighing more than 7 kg. Try to take hand luggage under 7 kg.

Your Google Maps GPS location will help you the most in case you hire a taxi directly from Bangkok Airport to your hotel. But before taking a taxi you must buy a sim from the airport and activate the internet package for the duration of your stay there. Then hire a taxi and go directly to your hotel. There was a time when taxi fares would cost you a third of what you would expect. It is no longer there. Banks now have GRAB which is like Uber Pathao in our country. Now taxis run on meters. So there is no tension about the extra rent. We have already said that Bangkok is famous for shopping and for Pattaya Beach. So it's better to get a hotel around it otherwise you have to take taxi repeatedly to go anywhere and Appan travel cost will go up because taxi fare is very high in Bangkok. And you can watch our videos. Then you will get his ideas on how to travel around Bangkok at low cost.

MBK Center is the famous place for shopping in Bangkok. Here you can buy many different things of the world at a very low price. Many people sell many things on the sidewalk outside this center, you can get them cheaper. It will take you about a full day to explore the shopping malls in and around MBK Centre. If the hotel is near MBK Centre, then you can visit the whole place on foot.

Another interesting place in Bangkok city is Madame Tussauds wax museum. You can also go here. MBK Center is a ten to fifteen minute walk from the centre. Located at Siam Paragon. The entry fee there was 800 baht in 2019. You have to haggle there and try to manage at 500 baht. Madame Tussauds will go to present your picture. Remember that you can bring the picture bound if you want, we show you a sample of it, but you may ask 200 to 300 baht for this picture, never ask for more than 50 baht.

If you are near MBK Centre, you can easily visit Pattaya Beach for 1 day. Pattaya Beach is located 180 km from MBK Centre. A taxi fare there may ask 1000 baht. Try to manage at 500 baht. You can view the location on Google Maps. You can spend all day at Pattaya Beach. A very beautiful and pleasant beach.

Apart from this you can give city tour in Bangkok. One thing always remember, for city tours you can visit various local travel agencies around your hotel. You can buy full day or half day city tour package from that travel agency. Here you have to bargain. You will pay one-third of the money that is asked of you. But for the city tour, it is better to go to Thailand and take the package from the local agencies because if you take the package from outside, the price will drop. A $15 package can cost you $200. Local travel agencies can find banks just below your hotel. Below is a picture of the other places to visit in Bangkok City.
Food in Bangkok: Eating out in Bangkok is cheap. There you can eat great street food for very less money. For 100 Bangladeshi taka, you can have a full meal of chicken fried rice. Apart from this, you can try a variety of their famous food items. KFC Available in Bangkok. You can eat KFC. The cost of eating KFC is less in south asia. Besides, you will find Seven-Eleven and Family Mart everywhere. There you will find various fast food items and eating items that are halal. The food quality is very good and the price is very low. 1000 taka per day for couples gets three meals a day.

Important points to keep in mind at all times:

The best time to visit Bangkok is from October to February. During this time the heat is a little less.

Most people go to Bangkok for shopping and Pattaya Beach. Since there is no car service like UBER or Pathao in Bangkok, local drivers ask for higher fares when they see tourists. You must bargain with those drivers to save costs. Let's say you ask for rent for 500 baht. You can easily get it to 200 baht if you can haggle with him. Better if you use bus service. Since English is not widely spoken in Thailand, you won't be able to master which bus route you take when you first arrive. It can be seen that while boarding a bus of one route, you can board a bus of another route. So if you want to travel to Thailand for the first time then you should not use the bus service/MRT without knowing.

One thing that those who want to shop in Bangkok should always keep in mind is that if you only want to travel to Bangkok then you can shop from Bangkok and return home but if you are going to travel from Bangkok to any other state like PHUKET then get off at Bangkok airport. It is better to go to PHUKET on a connecting flight or a nearby flight without visiting Bangkok first. This is because traveling to other states does not allow your bag to weigh more than 7 kg. If carrying a bag weighing more than seven kg, you will have to pay an additional fee. And the price of things in Bangkok will be two to three times higher than in other states. So no other status goes shopping. It is best to return to Bangkok and do some shopping after visiting there.

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