Maldives Tour

Maldives, Neighboring countries of India. Maldives is a small island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, only forty minutes away by air from Sri Lanka.
Maldives can be reached directly by plane. Airport: Velana International Airport. If you reach Male directly, you can take a boat over the sea and go to a well-equipped resort in one of the islands of your choice.

Maldives does not require a visa, a passport is required. Go to the mall and fill up a small form and stamp your passport and the authorities there will allow you to enter their country. And yes return ticket but need immigration time.

You can book any Resort in Maldives. Maldives resorts are a bit expensive. Resort people pick up from Male Airport. As soon as you leave the Malé airport, you will encounter the sea which will brighten your mood even more. Convert your day's stress into energy, the boat will be waiting to take you away.

It will take forty minutes to reach the destination, it may rain during the journey. As soon as you disembark at the resort jetty, board a Bagi, the Bagi is Kolkata's version of a Toto. Bagi will be taken to the hotel reception. Welcome drinks, warm towels and check in form will arrive immediately. Maldives is a hot country, even if it rains, the weather is still a little hot, warm towels will give you comfort and drinks will give you extra energy, start filling the form.

Check in and leave for lunch, you can take package all inclusive ie breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner with unlimited soft and hard drinks. Hard drinks are available only on one private island in the Maldives. Beach bungalows in Maldives are very beautiful. As soon as you open the door, there is a white sand beach, a row of mangrove trees, and beyond that, a sea of blue water. This blue water is mesmerizing but you won't get waves. Absolutely quiet, slow and steady. The water is so clear that you can see everything underwater. And yes when you swim remember they are watching you around. Talking about the fishes, all the small to medium colored fishes will pass you by once they see you, don't try to catch them because they won't catch you. They just have to watch and have fun.
Apart from beach bungalows there is another type of resort which is very popular in Maldives. It is a water bungalow, that is, a bungalow over the water. In a word, great. The bungalows are standing on top of the blue water. Where the water bungalows end up, you can hear and see both the waves and the roar of the sea with the fishes coming in and out.
There is a mini bar in the hotel, but everything is paid except for cold drinks, ask once. There is a tea coffee maker, get up early in the morning and take your favorite coffee or tea and sit on the balcony outside the room. You will not get such natural beauty and environment guarantee anywhere else. The room is quite large, the bathroom is also quite, there is a bathtub in the front, and there is a tiled top shower under the open sky at the back for bathing.

Now come there, what do you do? If you are a honeymoon couple then go round and round the whole island, enjoy the blue water together and if you are hungry then finish eating and get lost in the blue water, white beach, rows of trees, the roar of the distant sea. In a word Hanumun for couples There are not many such ideal places in the world.

And if you like adventure with Hanumun then you can do water sports or water sports. There are many types of sports like scuba driving, snorkeling, paragliding and many more. If you want to do some safari with it, then you can do the dolphin safari which is simply amazing. At one o'clock you can't help but be amazed when your boat swings in the black waters of the deep sea and the dolphins in front show you their surfing skills and jumping skills.

Another safari that you can do especially with kids in mind is the Glass Bottom Boat Safari. Underneath your boat, you'll have a glimpse of the underwater world through blue glass. Even children and old people will not feel bad, in a word moving and lively aquarium. A collection of numerous fishes, turtles, shark fish and unknown fish, it seems that I have touched it. Sit back, watch and enjoy.
You can do an island tour, that is, you can visit three or four or more islands nearby. Go by boat, travel, see new islands. Can do city tour, Male excursion. Although the feedback is not excellent. But your choice is yours alone. In Male you will find some fish markets, restaurants and some mosques. There is also a church, but you have to walk for an hour and a half. In fact, Male City is very small in size but the population pressure is increasing day by day.


Here is the buffet system for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You will get all kinds of food, both non-veg, salad, juice, egg items, fruit combinations, all the food should be tested. The main restaurant opens at eleven in the morning. People usually go there for drinks, in the evening there is a buffet of snacks. You will get pakoras, pastries, various fruits, tea and coffee and there are various events in the evening. From child dance to couple dance, belly dance is all done.


Maldives is a bit of an expansive place. Private resorts do not use Maldives' own currency, American dollars do. But there are good discounts in offseason. In many packages, apart from the safari, the rest of the food, indoor games or gym are completely free. What you need to do is to decide in advance your room number and the number of people who will go, the payment has to be made at the time of check out. Keep one thing in mind, every activity has a fixed rate but if there are more people or a little bargaining is better. Packages start from Tk 20 thousand in fairly good quality resorts. Air tickets from Dubai to Maldives vary from USD 300 up-down depending on the season.


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