Thailand – Phuket Tour

Phuket in Thailand is one of the most beautiful places to visit for a holiday. Among the most beautiful places to visit in the world, many prefer this city for its scenic beauty and budget travel. How you can travel to Phuket in Thailand on a low budget, what places to visit are presented to you.

How to travel to Phuket from Bangkok?

To go to Phuket, you must first come to Bangkok, Thailand. There are direct flights to Phuket International Airport from airports in Thailand. You can travel by booking Air Asia or Thai Airways Domestic air tickets. Return tickets are very cheap at all times of the year. Sometimes there are free tickets on offer but they are very rare. The maximum one-way up-down from Bangkok to Phuket can be USD 100, the minimum can be USD 50. Pay attention to the offers of the airlines, then you can definitely go at a low cost.

Things to keep in mind before traveling:

Journey Starts:

Phuket is about 700 km from Bangkok, Thailand. There are two ways to go.
1) You can go by bus, this journey will be very difficult. 12 hour bus journey! The money is a little less. Economy class 700 Baht., 1st class 900 Baht. Buses are available from Bangkok Bus Terminal (Southern) from 6.40am. You will be dropped off at Phuket Bus Terminal 2. Then take the bus again from Phuket Bus Terminal to Patong Beach.
2) If you go by air, it will take you about one and a half hours to go to Phuket from Don Mueang international airport Bangkok. Air tickets should be booked at the bank before arrival. Domestic airport checking does not take time so you only need to arrive at the airport one hour before. Boarding closes half an hour before. You will then board the flight and land at Phuket International Airport after an hour and a half.

Airport to Hotel:

There are many sites online including through which hotels can be booked in advance. Patong Beach is the most famous place in Phuket. Everyone tries to stay around Patong Beach, you will find hotels around Patong Beach very cheap here. The beach is very beautiful so try to get a hotel near the beach. Very good quality hotels are available for Rs 2000 per night. If you want, you can take a hotel further inland, but since it is near the beach, you can go to the beach at any time, so try to stay close to the beach. There are two ways to get to Patong Beach from the airport. One is the bus service at the airport where each passenger has to buy a ticket for 150 Baht. You will find this service right out of the airport, anyone will show you if you ask. Or rent a car if you are a group of four or a group of three. Then your cost will be less. Car rental can be very demanding. Try to find a car rental that you can manage between 200 and 400 Baht. It is very easy to go to the first beach from the airport by car, but when you want to go from Patong Beach to the airport, you will need a car rental. Minimum 500 times will be required. If you go out with time on your hands then try to return by bus on the way back, then your cost will be less if you are less than 3 people.

Breaking dollars and buying sim cards:

Break 50 dollars at Bangkok airport and buy SIM with passport from the airport. You can buy DTAC SIM. This is our Grameen Phone International Company. 200 Baht offer with 7 days 5GB net. There are many more packages. Take what you need. Try not to break the dollar at the airport, whether it's Bangkok or Phuket. Phuket Patong Beach has many dollar stores along the coast. All are trustworthy. Break where you get good rates.


Stay in Patong Beach area, book from or Agoda 3 months before tour, non refundable with breakfast. It will wear much less. If the date of departure is not confirmed, it is better to go for the free cancellation option. It is possible to get a quality room for 25 US dollars (starting from 1500 taka). We have 10% discount on many hotels on You can take it if you want.


The only mode is taxi or bike. Taxis are very expensive. The bike will take 300 baht for the whole day but it will be expensive. There is no service like Uber Send in Thailand. Because people in Thailand understand very little English. And when they see tourists, they ask for the price. The writer once wanted to know the price of a paper umbrella. Asking price 800 baht. 100 baht let me tell the price! If you ask the price of something here, you also have to say a price. Otherwise the local people make trouble. So if you don't want to take it, don't ask the price. If you want to take it, you will tell the price at which you will take it yourself. If you don't, you don't.


Here you will find all types of food. Here too you will find Seven Elevens everywhere. From there you can buy your food or there are many restaurants where you can get a lot of seafood. Food is not very expensive, same as in Bangkok. You can eat Indian food, sea food. Seafood is available in abundance. A good amount of budget should be kept for food. The quality of street food is very good, the price is also low.

Patong Night Life:

Patong is very famous for its night life. You can walk far around the beach. Beside the beach there is Bangla Walking Street which has a very beautiful night life. People have many kinds of fun there all night long. Everyone stays out all night. You will find everything slowly dulls in the morning and stays awake all night. Many people keep calling on the streets with many kinds of offers. Beer here calls out for a lot of body massage. You won't be bored. Never do any shopping here because the prices here are much higher than the bank, so if you want to do some shopping, you should come back from Phuket and do the shopping in Bangkok. You can explore Patong Beach in a whole day. Very nice clean calm beach and beauty to see and enjoy sitting here all day. Phuket is a very clean city.

Go around:

After spending a day at Patong Beach, you can explore the many islands around Phuket. There are about 15 famous islands, some of which must not be visited. Here is a description of some islands. If you want, there are many local travel agencies in Patong Beach and you can take packages from them. Five islands per day or three island packages are offered with lunch included. You have to negotiate the tour packages with them. Try to manage within 1200 Baht. If you are more in number then try to manage 1000 Baht. Below you will find the various islands that you will visit. Your journey will start from the next morning on the day you buy the package.

Island Package Tour:

If you have taken a package then you will be given a phone number of the people who will take the package. Your number will be called in the morning. A micro will stop in front of your hotel. Will pick you up from there. By picking, many other tourists including you will pick on the micro. Then take you to your destination. Touring the various islands will take you to where their speed boards journey begins. From there you will visit various islands by speedboat and try to get an idea in advance by looking at the pictures on google maps and you will be provided with an island meal in the afternoon and light snacks in the afternoon and then you will be dropped back at the hotel by car before evening. will be It is completely safe. Everyone takes different packages each day. All the places are very spectacular and you can see beautiful scenery.

Thailand – Phuket Tour

Phi Phi Islands

Thailand – Phuket Tour

Similan Islands

Thailand – Phuket Tour

Racha Islands

Thailand – Phuket Tour

Coral Island

Thailand – Phuket Tour

Koh Yao Yai and Koh Yao Noi

Thailand – Phuket Tour

Koh Khai Islands

Thailand – Phuket Tour

Khao Phing Kan - James Bond Island

Thailand – Phuket Tour

Koh Maphrao - Coconut Island

In Phuket you can take a city tour, half hour or full day tour. However, when taking a city tour, you have to keep in mind that many packages include Tiger Kingdom, many packages do not include Tiger Kingdom. If you are going to take photos with tigers then definitely take the Tiger Kingdom package. Tiger Kingdom's packages are a bit costly. Half day city tour package is 800 baht if taking Tiger Kingdom. And the full day package is 1000-1200 baht. The sightseeing places in Phuket City are presented to you.
If you want to visit Phuket, you must plan at least four days. The hotel cost in Bangkok is relatively high, so try not to spend too much time in Bangkok, spend more time in Phuket and return to Bangkok that you can spare one day for shopping. You can return home after shopping at MBK Center. But you must keep one thing in mind that if you want to come to Phuket, you must take at least four days, one day to explore Phuket City, three days to explore different islands with three packages.

Thailand – Phuket Tour

Karon View Point

Thailand – Phuket Tour

Windmill Viewpoint - Phromthep Cape

Thailand – Phuket Tour

Wat Chalong

Thailand – Phuket Tour

Phuket Big Buddha

Thailand – Phuket Tour

Phuket Fanta Sea

Thailand – Phuket Tour

Tiger Kingdom Phuket

Thailand – Phuket Tour

Big Bee Farm

Thailand – Phuket Tour

Bangla Road

Bangkok, Thailand Tour

City Tour, Pattaya Beach, Madam Tushar Museum, MBK Center

Bangkok is famous for city life. Get the updated explore guideline !

7 days
Any Day
Don Muang Airport
All inclusive

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