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We have made this post for you to travel to Malaysia and to visit the famous places in Malaysia. The author himself has traveled to Malaysia several times, so how to travel to different places in Malaysia at a low cost, what are the must-see places, and where to stay in Malaysia, what to eat, how to travel, where to shop, these are all detailed posts for you. We are trying to inform through. Written by: Arefin Sajib

If you want to go on a three to four day trip to Malaysia then you can visit Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. And if you want to travel for a week, you can visit Langkawi or Penang. We will provide you with detailed travel information on what kind of budget you will spend. From there you can calculate and budget your trip. The travel budget depends on how you will get around, shop, eat and drink. So we are trying to highlight all the aspects here so that you can make your own decision on how to travel.

How to travel?

You should book the hotel at least 3 months before going to Malaysia. Bukit Bintang is the most famous place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Bukit Bintang has the most tourists because it is close to all the sights and there are various markets for shopping and many European and American tourists come to stay here. You will find many good hotels within your budget in Bukit Bintang from You can book them for USD 25 per night, you will find many good hotels, but it will be convenient if you book by looking at the reviews. If you book three months in advance, you can complete the booking at a lower cost.

After booking the hotel you need to let the concerned travel agency issue the visa. The travel agency will tell you what documents are required to be submitted. Still we are giving you a link. Electronic visa can be applied for in Malaysia. How to get it and how to prepare documents for it is given below link. Applying for a visa in Malaysia can get you a visa for three months. If the documents are not correct, you will not get the visa. A little strict. You must travel to Malaysia within three months of obtaining the visa. So you book the hotel 3 months before applying for the visa and after getting the visa you buy the air ticket with a gap of at least 1 month. I think you got the visa on 1st of May and it is valid till 1st of August. It is better if you buy tickets in the first week of July. If you buy tickets a few days before departure, the price increases. Plan this way. When buying tickets, buy dollars according to your market.
There are some airlines offering offers in Malaysia once a year but in that case the price of air tickets does not drop much as seen in case of Thailand. But Malind Air, Air Asia offers different time of the year. After USD 700 up-down ticket. So you can try to buy tickets when the offer is available because Malaysia can be visited at any time of the year. Malaysia is a country where it rains anytime. Such weather is not often seen. So you can travel anytime. Group tours are best for traveling. If you can't do that, then try to give the tour as a couple, then your expenses will be reduced to a large extent. We will provide complete guidance on how to reduce costs.

Things to keep in mind before traveling:

E-Visa Application Documents
Before going to Malaysia you must carry photocopy of your visa, photocopy of passport, photocopy of ticket, photocopy of hotel booking and those who work must carry NOC photocopy as immigration may want to see them and may ask you some questions if you are traveling to Malaysia for the first time. . How long will you stay, where will you go etc. So you better have an idea about that.
At the Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia, you will go through immigration and purchase the SIM with your passport. As long as you stay, buy the SIM with your internet package. Then leave for the hotel.

Malaysia Kuala Lumpur International Airport is very big. Here your plane will land at KLIA2 (Airport 2 Part). 2 Ways You can go to your hotel after completing the immigration process and purchasing the SIM. From the airport you can either take a taxi to the hotel or use the Malaysian MRT. MRT is very fast train. In just 30 minutes you will reach Malaysia's KL Sentral from the MRT inside the airport. KL Sentral is Malaysia's MRT Station. Bukit Bintang is very close from here. Only 5.5 km. If you are more than one passenger then take taxi, it will save cost. You can visit the city of Kuala Lumpur. MRT per person is 60RM (1 RM=20tk) and taxi will cost 85RM with all tolls. (As of July 2019) GRAB/UBER for taxis. Install GRAB on mobile and register with mobile SIM. Fares are cheaper on GRAB. And if you want to take the bullet train, you can go straight to KL Sentral from the MRT underground at the airport in Malaysia. Make a GRAB call from KL Sentral. Will take 10RM.
After reaching the hotel, you can explore the surroundings that day. You will find many Bengali hotels there for food dabar. You can eat at KFC and also there are many kinds of Bengali hotels, but you must eat after looking at the price because Bengali hotels are very expensive and also Seven-Eleven shops are on the street. Like Minabazar of our country and everything is available.
Second day of the trip
On the second day, you can visit the famous Ganting Highland in Malaysia. Ganting Highland is a small town on the hill 76 km away from the city. The place is very beautiful and you have to go directly by GRAB or direct bus from KL Sentral. How to go Ganting Highland? From Bukit Bintang you can go directly to Ganting. If there are three to four of you, it's better to grab and relax. Otherwise, you can take an up-down bus to Ganting directly from KL Sentral. AC bus, very nice bus. If you want, you can book a bus ticket from KL Sentral and depart in the morning. That's why you need to go to the bus counter by eight in the morning. Asking anyone at KL Sentral will show you where to buy bus tickets. Go to KL Sentral Underground and buy your bus ticket.
The bus will leave you by 8:30 and after a 2 hour journey will take you to Ganting Highland Cable Car. Ganting Highland is to be reached by cable car. From where the bus stops, you have to go ahead and board the cable car. Your return time will be mentioned on the bus ticket. On the way back, take that ticket and appear at the bus counter again at that time. If you ask anyone, they will show you.
You need to buy a ticket to get on the cable car. You will then take a cable car to Ganting Highland. Ganting Highland looks like a huge shopping mall. It will look like a huge shopping mall. There's a lot out there. It will take a whole day to explore. Ganting Highlands has Asia's largest casino. You can't take pictures when you go there, so keep the mobile camera carefully. If you try to take pictures, take your mobile or camera. After the tour, you will board the bus back to KL Sentral. From there you can take a GRAB back to your hotel. And if you don't go by bus, call GRAB directly to the hotel while returning. For food there is KFC available, there are many restaurants. You will not have any problem in eating and drinking.
Malaysia Tour
Malaysia Tour
Malaysia Tour
Malaysia Tour
Third day of travel
On the second day you can visit Batu Cave, another famous place in Malaysia. It is a must see place in Malaysia. Located 16 km from the city. Here you have to climb a lot of stairs and from the top you can see the city very well. No tickets are required here. There are also hotels here for food. A great place for a half day trip. You can visit. You can call a GRAB from the hotel and go straight away as GRAB fares are quite reasonable. 25-30 RM to go.
Leave in the morning and visit Batu Cave for half an hour and after noon you can explore the sights around Malaysia if you want. Among them, you can visit Petronas Twin Towers, Menara Kuala Lumpur, KLCC Park, Aquaria KLCC, Alor Road. Alor Road Street Food is very famous. There are many shops here for shopping. Have to make a good price. Most shops have Bengali. The price may be higher, so it is better to bargain. You can walk to these places from your hotel. Petronas Twin Tower is only 1.3 km from Bukit Bintang. Menara Kuala Lumpur is 2km away. See all locations on Google Map and walk around. To go up Petronas Twin Towers, you need to buy a ticket which is very costly. If you want, you can buy a ticket and go up. Another thing, don't forget to drink Starbucks coffee... And yes, Jalan means street!
Last day of the trip
If there is no plan to go anywhere else from Kuala Lumpur, then it is time to return home... So on the day you buy the return ticket, you must take GRAB from the hotel to the airport 4 hours before. A sudden jam on the road can be dangerous. So leave with time. The next episode will have the Langkawi travel story. Those who want to travel to Langkawi in Malaysia must take another flight from Dhaka to Malaysia and visit Langkawi first and then come to Kuala Lumpur and come to Bukit Bintang and plan this tour.

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