Malaysia Langkawi Tour

Langkawi is one of the most beautiful islands in Malaysia. This island is located at one end of Malacca Strait. Millions of tourists from Europe and other countries visit this island every year. Sky Bridge, forests, mountains, romantic white-sand beaches and crystal-clear waters are some of the top attractions in this enchantingly beautiful Ireland. So it is one of the most attractive places for people who are thirsty for travel. There are 6/7 daily flights from Malaysia's Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Langkawi. If you are going to visit Malaysia Kuala Lumpur then you can visit Langkawi for two days.
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If you want to go on a three to four day trip to Malaysia then you can visit Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. And if you want to travel for a week then you can visit Langkawi. Langkawi Island is located four and a half hundred kilometers from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. You can reach Langkawi anytime by taking a flight at your convenience. It will take 1 hour to go. But if you try to take the morning flight, if you arrive at Langkawi International Airport by the morning flight, you can check into the hotel in the morning and go out to explore the island.

There are two places in Langkawi where tourists visit more. One is Kuah and another is Pantai Chenag. Pantai Chenag is much more popular. Most of the tourists stay in Pantai Chenag and want to visit various places from here because there are many duty free shopping malls in Pantai Chenag. Here you will find many foreign products at cheap prices. Here the Malaysian government is still not charging tax on the products.

If you want to stay in Pantai Chenag then Pantai Chenag is only 11 kilometers from Langkawi International Airport. You can easily call GRAB. The cost will be around 20 RM.

You can book hotels in advance online or you can search for hotels there. Hotel is always available. There are different quality hotels from 10 dollars to 50 dollars. All the hotels are safe and beautiful but the hotels near the beach are a bit expensive. It can be seen that if you want to stay for 2 nights, you will spend a minimum of 50 dollars. AB Motel is the best, next to the beach. 2 nights will cost $50.

On the first day you can explore around the beach. You can visit various shopping malls. You can get around Kuah with a GRAB/UBER call. Just 22 kilometers from Pantai Chenag. Taxi fare will cost you around 50RM to go. Spend the second day visiting the Langkawi Skybridge. In the afternoon you can visit various shopping malls. You will find many things to shop there. Especially in langkawi the most famous is chocolate because there are many chocolate factories here. Malaysia produces the most chocolate in Asia. That is why the quality of chocolate in Malaysia is very good and the price is relatively very low. Buy more chocolates for everyone at home. You can also shop for other things. Everything here is very cheap and branded stuff is available. Moreover, you will find various restaurants including Pizza Hut KFC for dining. There are some good eateries on the beach. The price is very low. 7/8 RM means chicken fried rice available for 150 taka. The street food here is very good. Try to get a hotel near Chenag Beach. Then all sightseeing places, shopping malls are close at hand. You can explore on foot. Of course, keep the Google map with you so that you can return to your place easily by looking at the map.

On the second day of the tour you will depart for Langkawi Sky Bridge. Langkawi Sky Bridge is 20 kilometers from Pantai Chenag. Your fare will be 45 to 50 RM. Langkawi Sky Bridge Plan a full day trip as it is a very famous big park and you will go to Langkawi Sky Bridge by cable car. Cable car fare is 55 to 60 per person. Langkawi Sky Bridge is about 8 thousand above sea level. Here you can easily cross the clouds and see various wildlife. Besides, the Skybridge is a very fascinating place. In Asia, apart from the Malaysia Skybridge, there are Skybridges in China. A different kind of thrilling adventure that will be a lot of fun.


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