Work after graduation in Malaysia

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Work after graduation in Malaysia

Work after graduation in Malaysia

The work after graduation in Malaysia is a big deal for most of the international students nowadays. But, the question is, are the foreign students allowed to work after graduation in Malaysia? And if yes, what are the conditions and requirements that they should fulfill?

There are valid governmental policies that give priority to Malaysian citizens for vacant jobs. This is in addition to the restrictions on the sector in which the students can work in, which may create some difficulties in finding a job.

However, there are some unrestricted jobs and sectors, if you have a work permit.

What Is the Work Permit/Employment Pass?

Is the permit that allows you to contract with a Malaysian company, on condition that you have the required knowledge.

Who Can Stay in Malaysia to Work?

This depends on the position, salary, and contract. All of this will determine which pass the person is eligible to apply for. You will also need a passport valid for 18 months at least to apply for a work visa.

What Is the First Step?

First, you need to find a job at a company in Malaysia. At present, it is not easy for international students to work after graduation in Malaysia. The government is keen to assign the jobs to the Malaysians before recruiting other nationalities (whether they are foreign graduates or ex-pats).

Because getting a job is the hardest part, it is important to know some tips about writing a C.V. and a letter of reference.

Once you accept a job offer, your employer should apply to the government to get you a suitable pass. Individuals can not do this step.

Pass Types

Employment Pass

This is the most common for the employees who were offered a job contract for more than two years with a Malaysian company, with a monthly salary of RM5,000.

Usually, this pass is given to skilled workers, professionals, and those in management roles. The expatriate committee will have to confirm that the ex-pat is skilled and fit for the position more than any other person from Malaysia.

In addition to the required documents and terms and conditions, the official website of the Malaysian immigration department provides the following guidelines for who can apply, depending on the role.

Key Position

The highest managerial position for a company that is owned by foreigners in Malaysia.

Executive Position

The highest managerial position for a company that is owned by foreigners in Malaysia.

Executive Position

Professional/middle managerial position: it requires academic, working experience, and practical skills that are related to the respective jobs.

Non-Executive Position

It required a high level of competence, working experience, and technical skills that are related to the respective jobs.

The cost of an employment pass for a person in a key position is RM300 per year, in addition to RM50 for the application fees.

Temporary Pass

This pass is normally available for the jobs with a contract of fewer than two years or when the salary is less than RM5,000.

For people in industries, such as manufacturing, agriculture, services, and construction, this option is available for a maximum period of 5 years, for those aged 18-45.

In general, there are some strict rules that you should abide by. These conditions are about marriage and changing jobs. Usually, you will have to renew this pass every year, which is a bit annoying but necessary.

It is recommended to visit the Malaysian government’s website to know more detailed information about the temporary employment pass, including the required documents, terms and conditions, and more.

Visitor’s Pass

This pass is available for foreigners with professional qualifications and skills, who are either working in a foreign company or will spend 12 months or less in Malaysia.

It is suitable for the people working in a specific field, such as:

  • Lecturer
  • Researcher
  • Technical Advisor
  • Maintenance Expert
  • External Auditor

 The processing fees of the visitor’s pass is RM90 for each student.

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