Canada Student Visa

Canada Student Visa

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St. Mary's University, Calgary

Bishop's University

We are authorized representative of 50+ universities in Canada. You’ll get support A to Z free of cost from us. But you have IELTS at least: (6.0 for Bachelor and 6.5 for Masters) and a regular student with the smart result. You need to show at least 30 lac taka Bank Balance of your parents to achieve Visa. So come fast to take the opportunity. So, apply without worries. We’ll help you to find University/College and courses. In Canada now you can get part-time work facilities during the study period and PR facilities after completion of your study. So this is the right time to Settle in Canada. We’ll guide you for smooth Visa Processing. You can take guideline or Adviser from our experts for Free Consultancy. Visit our office with an appointment or call 01988890099 for basic information.

Why Study in Canada

1. Study in World Recognized University
2. Most of the Universities Rank about in 100
3. 100+ Programmes in Bachelor and Masters.
4. Less Tuition Fees from USA & Australia.
5. Huge Part-time job opportunity
6. Multicultural Country
7. Scholarship opportunity for brilliant students
8. Safe and peaceful life
9. Excellent Health Care. Apply Now

Requirements for IELTS

For Diploma : IELTS- 5.5 (Without IELTS you need to do a fundamental course for 12 months which will cost at least 3.6 lac taka)
For Bachelor : IELTS- 6.0 (Without IELTS you need to do a fundamental course for 6 months which will cost 3.6 lac taka)
For Master’s : IELTS -6.5

Why SIC for Admission & Visa Process?

We are authorized representative of more than 300 Universities & Colleges in USA & Canada.
Quick Admission and Visa process.
We do not charge any hidden costs. All services are free of cost.
One and One visa interview preparation.
High Visa Success Rate.
We are the Authorized Representative for student Recruitment in Bangladesh.

Required Documents for Admission

1. Copy of Passport
2. Photo
3. SSC, HSC & Bachelor Certificate & Transcript
4. IELTS Certificate (if have)
5. Medium of Instruction Certificate (for Masters)
6. Two Recommendation Letter (for Masters)
7. Motivation Latter (.docx file)
8. CV (.docx file)
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A few words about Canada Student Visa

Canada Student Visa Basically: First a student has to make his decision. And must be financially independent. Each step and required information is mentioned below.

Required Documents: For Students:
1. All Institutional Certificates and Marksheets. If you want to do undergraduate, SSC and HSC certificate and marksheet are required. SSC and HSC are basically considered as Grade 10 and 12 in Canada. Again if you want to do post graduation, then you need your undergraduate certificate and marksheet along with grade 10 and 12. That is, you need all the previous institutional documents for the level you want to study.
2. Birth Certificate / National ID Card (NID)
3. passport
4. Two copies of recent color photographs.
5. Academic IELTS score. But yes, you can go to Canada without IELTS. But it must be undergraduate program with foundation program.
6. Bank statement and solvency certificate. A statement of at least Rs.40 lakhs. The bank account should preferably be in father’s name and should have at least 3 months of FDR savings.

For the parent:
1. National ID Card (NID): of both father and mother.
2. Tax or tin certificate.
3. Photocopy of all asset documents. The question may come why it is needed? It is to give a sense of your financial solvency i.e. to say that you will be able to solve any financial problems yourself after moving to Canada in the future. Note: All the above documents must be translated and notarized in English.

1. First you need to get ‘Letter of Expectation’ or ‘Offer Letter’ from the college or university affiliated to Designated Learning Institutions (DLI). Go to the website of the college or university and go to the ‘admission’ option and click on apply to know the requirements and other information.
2. After receiving the offer letter from the college or university, open an account with Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and complete all the checklists on the Apply for Study Permit Outside Canada 5269 form. If you want to apply online, download the checklist and fill the documents and upload the application form. Apply Online and Apply Paper options will be available by entering the link. And if you apply on paper, download the checklist documents, fill them, print them out, go to the website of VFS Global (Click this link) with all the documents given in the required documents, book an appointment at any of the branches in Dhaka, Chitagong, Sylhet. can do Processing time may take approximately one to one and a half months. After the application Canada immigration authority will inform you further instructions in your email. Once the visa is issued, you will have to pay the prescribed tuition fees of the college or university. But most of the time the tuition fee has to be paid before the visa. You will get tuition fee payment rules and tuition fee information in your offer letter.

Now let’s come to what to do after coming to Canada:
Canada immigration authorities will give you a visa and study permit for one year or more. If you get a work permit, you will be allowed to work 20 hours a week to cover your living expenses and other related expenses. You cannot manage tuition fees by working in Canada. If you come from Bangladesh with IELTS i.e. if you are admitted to a major program you will be given a work permit. And if you don’t have major program i.e. if you have English learning institute course you will not get work permit. But if you start classes and apply later, they usually give you a work permit.

A very important question that many people have. Can a student take a semester gap?

The answer is very important. The academic years are: Winter, Summer/Spring and Fall. You can give gap between them. But you must do your first two semesters after coming to Canada. And if you do not take classes after entering Canada, that is, if a student is out of college or university for more than 90 days without a valid reason, he will become illegal in Canada. That is, you have to go back home.

Change of College or University:
Sometimes students change colleges or universities. People make this change to move to better cities or better earning opportunities or to move closer to relatives. Now you can change your college/institution later if you want. If a student wishes to change colleges or universities, he/she should consult with the international advisor of the college or university to which he/she is admitted in Canada. You have to take admission in any other Designated Learning Institutions (DLI) affiliated institution while being admitted in the admitted institution. That is, letter of acceptance or offer letter should be taken from the new institution. Change from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) account after enrollment in the new institution i.e. after the start of classes.

Study Permit Extension and Visa Renewal:
You must renew your visa and renew your study permit before your visa expires. In this case you need to renew your study permit first. Once the study permit is renewed, you need to renew the visa. First of all, the study permit renewal rules: To renew your study permit you need to pay close attention to the following documents:
1. Enrollment letter. That is, the letter received from the college or university in which you are enrolled is called enrollment letter. An advisor at your institution’s International Admissions Center in Canada can give you one. Or you can get it on the organization’s website.
2. Proof of funds ie you must have at least 3000 Canadian dollars in your student account
3. Two (2) copies of recent passport size color photographs
4. Photocopy of passport and study permit
5. Time table ie your class routine
6. Application Fee 150 Canadian Dollars You have to apply to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) account with all the above documents. You can also apply on paper and online. If you want to apply online, then download the checklist and fill the documents and upload the application form.

Visa and Study Permit is very easy process. You can easily do this if you have not lost any academic year.

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