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When you ask Bhutanese people about Bhutan they say "Bhutan is peace" Bhutan is really a country of peace. We have a lot to learn from these small people. How to travel to the king's country Bhutan?

The land of oxygen, the land of thunder dragons, the land of mountains and clouds, the land of rust and temples, the land of peace and order, no matter what we say, Bhutan is like a small, natural paradise in the middle of this world! The country of Bhutan is only 38 thousand square kilometers and consists of 20 districts. Where there is no traffic jam, no honking of a car, no rush to get ahead, no desire to leave others behind. The roads are very wide and there is parking next to it, but it never causes jams. Even if the car is lying on the road all night, there is no damage. No one throws a little chocolate pack on the road, does not smoke cigarettes in the open, does not try to cheat you as a foreigner. Where there are no buildings touching the sky. But everyone wears the traditional dress of Bhutanese. One thing is very interesting, although the upper part is traditional, everyone wears modern shoes, sneakers, shoe type shoes.

On reaching Bhutan, the Bhutan Immigration Office is on the right hand side. Only 3 people are sitting in a very small office to work. After giving photocopy of their passport, photocopy of hotel booking, one copy of passport, the entry permit is inserted into the passport electronically. Decided to spend the night in Foentsholing, because going at night would not bother the clouds. You can book a room at Tashi Delek Hotel for 1000 rupees (triple bed - 4 people). Freshen up, you can explore the city of Foentsholing in the evening.

Leave in the morning to find a vehicle to reach Thimpu. If you look around a little, you will see many cars parked. From there, rent an Alto (4 seater) for 2,400 rupees. While walking on the road, the fatigue of traveling such a long distance will disappear instantly by seeing some incredibly beautiful scenery. All around the mountains and the mountains, the houses are built in a haphazard manner. In addition to this scene, a little later, the cold air will take the winter.

The higher you go, the colder your ears will be. Those who have height phobia should be careful because you can see the steep mountain going down from the window. In this way, you can sit and have lunch at a restaurant on the side of the road to see the view. A small food place right at the foot of the hill. There you can eat chicken fried rice and choomin and coffee. One thing to note is that you will find very little chicken in all of Bhutan, but a lot of beef and pork, and the food will have a weird smell, not bad, but a little different that might annoy you. Besides, the food is quite cheap and they will get enough food for 2 people in a fried rice platter (chicken/beef/rice) for Rs.

Then the journey will start again towards Thimpu, midway play hide and seek with the clouds for a while and reach Thimpu in the Konkan cold of the afternoon. You can see 5-7 hotels. Even though it seems very expensive, you can get a big room for 1800 rupees. After freshening up at the hotel, you can go to one of the attractions of Thimphu - Buddha Spot. In one word, a wonderful place, it seemed as if Buddha was sitting on the top watching over the whole city of Thimphu. Also, the large and small statues all over the courtyard and the surrounding nature made the place unique! Inside the temple you will be able to see the craftsmanship of the Bhutanese architectural style without any fee. From there you can return to the hotel after seeing some other directions including Thimphu River Bridge, Farmers Market, Changjamtong Jung.

Some points:

This post will be useful for those who are unable to plan due to the fear of spending more money. You must be a team of 4 people. It is not right to do any cursing in eating and drinking, when you want to eat whatever you want. Each person on this trip had a budget of USD 100.

Fix one the day before. Will leave for Punakha at 7 am in a fixed car (3800 rupees, 4 people). After a short drive through the winding mountain road, the beauty of the Dochala pass and the snow-clad white mountains of Everest in the distance will captivate you. Then depart and reach Punakha Jung and Suspension Bridge within 1 hour. The moment you cross the suspension bridge to the other side and the clear water flowing under the bridge with the movement of thousands of fishes will move you again and again. After staying here for about 1 hour you can leave and spend some time again at Dochla pass. Then you can go directly to Paro. A water lake and Paru International Airport were seen on the way. You can book Karma Lekzang Lodging in Paru for 1800 rupees per night (4 people - triple bed). You can explore the Paro city at night. It is a very cute and small town. Those who want to come to Bhutan by air will directly land at Paru International Airport from Dhaka. After completing the immigration work, you can visit Peru on the first day. After that, you can do the same plan on the second day.

The purpose of Chelala Pass will be to leave at 6.30 am in the vehicle fixed the previous day (3300 rupees-4 persons). The hilly winding road, row of cedar trees, snow-white coating on the road edge, Buddhist flags waving in the distance, horse wandering will take you to a different kind of paradise. About 2.30 hours by car will reach 3988 meters high Chelala Pass. Alighting from the car, the beauty of the surroundings, the roaming of red and white horses and the white mountains of Everest will create a different impression. From here about 45 minutes will leave for Tiger Nest. At 11 o'clock you can start your journey to Tiger Nest. As easy as it looks from below, trucking is actually several times more difficult. In any case, you will need to climb up the winding winding path of the steep mountain with strength of mind and strong will. The higher you go, the more oxygen you feel running out, so wear a mask. 1 minute rest after 3 minutes walking. This is the taste of climbing the Himalayas! On the way, many people may turn their heads, faint and sit on the road. Save some energy by eating dry cake, chocolate and water on the way. After trekking for about 3 hours, when you reach the Tiger's Nest, the trouble will seem worthwhile, overwhelming. I am saying here, if you are not physically fit, it is better to accept defeat and go down. When you look at the side, you will think that hundreds of years ago at the foot of the steep mountain, how can such a beautiful, functional structure be built! Anyway take a look around the Tiger Nest and just be mesmerized by the cool water fountains and ice nearby. How beautiful God has made this earth. Spend about 1 hour here and start descending again. At around 5 o'clock you will come down to Paro Jung and see the river and come to Thimphu by car and leave for Phoentsholing the same night. You can stay at the hotel before Foentsholing at night. The next morning after completing the immigration work, you will leave for Dhaka.


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