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Sri Lanka, originally named Ceylon, is an island nation in South Asia. A very popular destination name in the travel world today. Its administrative capital is Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte. Its main city is Colombo. Sri Lanka is famous for production and export of tea, coffee, coconut, rubber. Beaches with breathtaking natural beauty, landscapes and rich cultural heritage make Sri Lanka very attractive to tourists from all over the world.

Some of the notable places to visit in Sri Lanka are Colombo, Anuradhapura, Kandy, Polonnaruwa, Adams Peak, Sigaria Rock, National Museum of Sri Lanka etc. One of the tourist attractions in Sri Lanka is the Kelanya Raja Mahavihara Buddha Temple located in Colombo. Every January in the month of January religious ceremony Perahera is held in this temple. Don't forget to visit Kandy when visiting Sri Lanka. The Temple of Tooth, The Old Well Palace Compound, Lankatilka Temple, Embeka Temple are must-see places. Kandy is called the cultural capital of Sri Lanka.

Since Sri Lanka is located in this subcontinent, the cost of visiting Sri Lanka is less than many other countries. Those who want to come from Dhaka by air can use Mihin Lanka Air Lines. It is a Sri Lankan aircraft. Besides, you can come through India without coming directly to Sri Lanka. If you want to come like this, you have to go to Chennai by train from Kolkata and then go to Colombo by plane. After arriving in Colombo, you can go anywhere in Sri Lanka by bus or train. Or it is much easier to come to Colombo via Delhi on Jet Airways.

Climate of Sri Lanka Sri Lanka has almost the same temperature throughout the year. Coastal and lowland areas have an average temperature of 26-30 degrees Celsius. Temperatures are relatively low (18-22 degrees) in higher areas like Kandy. Humidity is always high throughout the year. When to go to Sri Lanka Sri Lanka's geographical location makes the weather very good. Its climate is temperate because of the sea around it. It receives adequate rainfall in the months of October and November. So tourists should avoid this time. The best time of the year to visit Sri Lanka is from December to March.

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If you want to get a mix of tradition and modernity in Sri Lanka, there is no alternative to visit Colombo. There is traditional quietness as well as modern brilliance. If you are interested in history, culture, Buddhist philosophy, etc., leave a whole day for the National Museum. The National Museum building is very beautiful, probably built during the colonial period. In front of the museum is a white meditating Buddha statue under a banyan tree. For those interested in Buddhist philosophy, there is much to see, hear, and learn all over Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is considered to be the cradle of the Theravada Buddhist philosophy.

Gull Face Green Beach is also one of the notable beauties of Colombo. Apart from the blue sea and ocean waves, there are various water sports facilities. Although the area has now become a commercial center the appeal of its Portuguese and Dutch period forts has not diminished. Numerous attractions in this area can be seen with little effort on foot. People fly kites in the afternoon in a large field next to the sea, young people sit and make love, parents come for a walk with their children. Very pleasant environment.

12 km from Colombo. The farthest beach is called Mount Lavinia. The Governor's House built in 1805 is located here. which has now become the Mount Lavinia Hotel. A zoo famous for its elephant show is named Dehiwala Zoo. Spread over 11 acres, the zoo houses rare species of animals. Besides, Kelanya Raja Mahavihara is worth visiting in Colombo. The religious ceremony Perahera is held here every year in the month of January.

Kandy is called the cultural capital of Sri Lanka. Kandy is the second largest city in Sri Lanka. 115 km from Colombo. This city is far away. Sri Lanka's most colorful festival 'Esala Perahera' is held here. South of Kandy is the highest area of the country 'Nuwara Eliya'. It can be called the center point of the famous tea industry of the country.

Huge lake in the center of Kandy city. Scattered around the lake are the Temple of the Buddha's Tooth, the Sinhala Cultural Center (where traditional dances are held regularly), the Udawattakele Sanctuary and more. Udawattakele Sanctuary has a lot of fauna. A group of monkeys roams around in a place near the entrance. But they are very harmless monkeys. Tooth Relic Temple can be visited from Kandy city. One of the holiest places in Sri Lanka. The tooth of Gautama Buddha was brought and placed in this temple by Princess Hema Mali and her husband Prince Dant. How many battles after that! The red eye of a foreign power has seen this soil, its traces are everywhere around the temple. There is also the bodhi tree of Tathagata. History aside, this temple is a witness of heavy beautiful, masterful sculptures. Royal Botanical Garden of Peradeniya is just nine minutes away from there. Covering an area of about 147 acres, this garden has more than three hundred orchids, numerous trees - it is a feast. If you are interested in plants and trees, you should keep a whole day to explore this place.

A road runs along the side of the lake into the town. A little further along that road, past the Temple of the Tooth, there is a mosque. Opposite that mosque is a “rice hotel” branded restaurant called Salgado. Here are the best candy string hoppers available. Along with lunu-chilli, coconut chutney etc. Further north from Kandy are the ancient cities of Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa and the famous cave temple town of Dambulla.

Sights of Kandy at a Glance:
  • Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage
  • Temple Of Tooth Relic
  • Kandy Lake
  • Hulu River Waterfall
  • Knuckles Mountain Range
  • Bahirawakanda Temple
  • Ranweli Spice Garden
  • Royal Botanical Garden
  • Udawattekele Sanctuary
  • CommonWealth War Cemetery
  • Millennium Elephant Foundation
  • Horton Plains National Park Ohiya
  • Ceylon Tea Museum
  • Wales Park
  • Riverton Gap
  • Tour to the Highlands
  • Mountains
  • Galmaduwa Temple
  • Ranawana Purana Rajamaha Vihara
  • Pallekele Cricket Stadium
How to go

Kandy can be reached in a few hours by train from Colombo. On the way the train goes uphill so it takes more time but on the way back it goes downhill so the journey is over in less time. If possible, try to sit in the special coach that has a view from inside the train.

Where to stay

Good accommodation in Kandy is at Swarnanankara Mawatha (Bengali would be Swarnalankar Road). Budget friendly accommodation is available here for backpackers, the quality of the accommodation is quite good. Some hotels have free Wifi.

Adams Peak is located in the Ratnapura district of Sripada province on the southwest border of Sri Lanka which is 2,243 meters or 7,358 feet high and angular in shape. Not only Muslims, Hindus, Christians, Buddhists - this peak or hill is also very sacred to the followers of these three religions. It is believed that our first father Hazrat Adam (A.S.) descended directly from heaven on Adam hill. Surrounding the peak is a vast expanse of greenery, with occasional hills and low hills. There are numerous small rivers and mountain springs around the hilltop. All in all a magical sight.

(Adam’s Peak) There is a huge boulder. Its height is 8 feet. Above it are the footprints which are believed to be the footprints of Adam (pbuh). The footprint measures approximately 5 feet 7 inches, length and width 2 feet 6 inches. According to Buddhism, these footprints were discovered around 300 BC. The footprints were cordoned off after they were discovered. Hundreds of tourists have visited the peak over the ages. Those who have traveled to the top of the world have seen the footprints of Adam (as) besides visiting its surroundings. Not only Sri Lankans, Muslims from many countries outside believe that when Hazrat Adam (as) was sent to earth, he first set foot on that hill in Sri Lanka. That is why Muslims look at that mountain with infinite respect. And that is why it is named Adam's Peak or Adam's Peak or Adam's Hill. Each of these mountains has a secret. Reaching the footprints at the top of this mountain is a very risky adventure. But many have gone there taking risks. They were surprised to see the footprints with their own eyes.

Also to see are Holy Footprints, Bhagava Cave, World Peace Pagoda and Unearthly Sunrise. Climbing Adams Peak is very dangerous. The path to reach the top goes through the forest. That forest is dangerous in many ways. There are poisonous insects. But there is a metal staircase near the top. It has like 5000 steps. Not every step of this is safe. It takes at least 5 to 7 hours to venture to the top. Its location is within a complex climate zone. This mountain can be climbed only for three to four months in a year. At other times of the year it becomes impossible to climb. Because, in a poetic sense, it can be said that this mountain is hidden in the clouds. Cloudy from all sides.

When to visit

The peak time for pilgrims is from December full moon or full moon to April full moon. Besides, crowds are always high during holidays and full moon. Many start the journey or hike at night so that they can watch the sunrise in the morning. If you want you can go hiking during the day, there is accommodation in the cave at night. Take sleeping bag and food. Watch the sunrise and back the next morning. But always try to avoid rain. Because the journey will become risky as well as you will miss the natural beauty of the surroundings. At least 13 waterfalls will be seen on the way up.

When to visit

You can take a bus from Colombo Bus Stand or board a bus from Good Shed Bus Department located near Kandy City Post Office. If you want to go by train, you have to take the Colombo – Kandy – Nuwara Eliya line train and get down at Hatton. A number of private buses run from Hatton to the foothills, a distance of about 33 km. Brave trekkers use the Hatton route for the ascent and the Ratnapuru route for the descent. This second path is used only for tracking. There are a few food stalls along the way where water and food are available. Reaching Hatton by train can be reached by bus or Tuktuk to Dalhousie. It takes about an hour and a half to reach by bus and an hour by tuk-tuk. Bus fare is $0.65 and Tuktuk is $7-11.

Where to stay

Dalhousie town in Ratnapura district is the nearest place to Adams Peak. All types of hotels are available near the main road of this city. For budget travelers – White House [$25 USD/night] Great location and sparkling rooms. Grand Adams Peak [$25 USD/night] – Only 350 feet from Adams Peak. Every room has a balcony.
Also for mid range travelers – White Elephant Hotel [$46 USD] great location. The peak can be seen from the balcony of the room. Punsisi Rest [$57 USD] Great location as well as great view.
For luxury travelers there is the Mandira Craig Appin Bungalow [$225 USD]
Note: Must take warm clothes, food for night and sleeping bag while going.


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