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Malaysia is among the world’s most desired countries for higher education seekers. Nearly 30 top Malaysian universities are listed in the top one thousand universities in the world. Additionally, many foreign education provider branch campuses are located in the best places in Malaysia. Moreover, Malaysia has the facilities of providing some top-notch options i.e. Dual degrees, ADP Programmes, Double Degrees, 1 + 2, 2 + 1 and so on which are immensely beneficial for higher education seekers. The Malaysian popularity of education, modern lifestyle and low-cost living make the country among the top choices of international students.

To grab the chance to study in Malaysia, one must get a student visa through student visa processing is not as easy as other visas. You will be living and changing your home country to another one for the next couple of years which requires hard work also. However, Malaysian student visa processing is not as tough as in other countries.

There are a few steps which students need to follow to get a Malaysian study permit. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about the Malaysian Student Visa Process. So keep reading the following.

What is a Malaysian Study Permit?

A study permit is a document issued by countries to permit students from other nations to study in another desired country. Similarly, Malaysia also provides international students with study pass and no international student can pursue higher education in Malaysia without receiving a valid study permit.

How To Apply for a Student Visa in Malaysia?

There are mainly two different ways. One of the two following ways you can follow to get the visa processing done.


The in-person application process includes applying via the Malaysian Embassy located in your country. The process includes-

  • Finding the nearest Malaysian Embassy in your country
  • Completing the visa application form
  • Submitting all the required documents with a valid passport, visa application form from Malaysia, and so on.


Another way to get the visa processing done is Online. But, some selective countries are the only ones enlisted for applying for a Malaysian visa online. They are- Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, China, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Serbia, and Montenegro.

Applying Procedures for Malaysian Study Permit

There are some different processes for the Malaysian student visa through which you can proceed. They are-

You can apply via Education Malaysia Global Services or EMGS. EMGS has a verified website through which uncountable international students proceed towards overseas education in Malaysian. Since the process is online, you must collect and prepare all your documents and do the following:

➣ Visit the EMGS website ➣ Create an account ➣ Upload softcopies of all the required documents ➣ Pay the fee

If the application is approved you will notify by e-mail. After getting the approval some selective countries need to show an entry visa in Malaysia which is important to prove that you have authorization from the Malaysian Immigration Department.

Step 1 to End of Student Visa Processing in Malaysia

Are you jumbled about where should you start? To get the solution, ask yourself how can I get a student visa. The processes are given below-

  • The very first step is to pick the desired programme
  • Find a suitable Malaysian university
  • Meet the entrance requirements for the university
  • Start preparing for the English proficiency test
  • Apply before the application deadline and get accepted
  • Apply for a Visa Approval Letter or Visa Approval Letter
  • Apply for a Malaysian entry visa
  • Attend the immigration checkpoint
  • Registration at the educational institution
  • Visit the Malaysian immigration department and get a student pass

Required Documents for Malaysian Student Visa

  • Recent passport-size photo.
  • A passport valid for at least 12 months.
  • An acceptance letter or commonly known as an offer letter from a Malaysian education institute.
  • Educational Transcripts and Certificates: For Bachelor’s degree you will be needed to show your Initial education qualifications- O-levels and A-levels certificates. For a Master’s degree, you have to show a 4-year Bachelor degree certificate with the pre-requisite certificates of primary levels of education.
  • Medical and health clearance certificate: You need to visit a registered clinic overseas and perform medical screening to prove you are healthy.
  • A personal bond: A personal bond is needed to show you will abide by immigration laws.

Proof of funding: You have to show the documents of proof of funds to study and other expenses in Malaysia. You also need to show the papers of your sponsor.

English Language Proficiency: You will have to submit your English proficiency certificate to step forward to start your education in Malaysia. Malaysian institutes accept English proficiency certificates i.e. IELTS (International English Language Testing System), TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), PTE – Academic (Pearson Test of English), CAE (Cambridge English: Advance), CPE (Cambridge English: Proficiency), MUET (Malaysian University English Test), and some other tests.

Malaysian Pass: You will need a Malaysian entry visa before stepping towards your higher education. However, having an entry visa is not enough because it will only allow you to travel to Malaysia for a specific time limit. In this case, to study for the long term in Malaysia you will be needed a Malaysian Pass. Upon arrival, the immigration officers assess the application and give you the pass which includes the duration of staying in Malaysia.

Student visa processing time for Malaysia

Are you assuming that the visa processing time is lengthy? Well, it is not fixed however, generally, it takes 4 to 6 weeks from applying for the Visa Approval Letter to receive the student pass. A Visa Approval Letter takes normally 14 days and an entry visa takes between 1 to 3 weeks, however, if anyone applies online it typically takes only two days.

Student Pass Validity and Study Permit Renewal

Are you concerned about the validity? Your activities as a student specify the validity of your student pass. If a student needs to attend a language school their student pass is issued for six months. In most cases, the students will be given a one-year student pass. To renew the student pass you have to go to the EMGS website for international students in Malaysia. It is compulsory to maintain a CGPA of at least two points and an overall attendance of at least 80% and some required certificates from the university, a passport and other documents are needed to renew the pass.

Visa processing fee for Malaysia

There are many types of visa facilities open to international people in Malaysia. The cost of each type of visa is different and the facilities are also different. However, for a student visa, the fee is depended on different types of programmes and the desired university. The fee also varies from the type of Malaysian university and college.

Intakes in Malaysia

There is admission available throughout the year in Malaysia because different universities have different intake options. However, in Malaysia, there are 2 intakes- the September intake with application deadlines in June and the February intake with application deadlines in November.

Available Degree in Malaysia

Students who have the desire to study in Malaysia can apply for Bachelor’s or Master’s programmes in different universities located around Malaysia. Moreover, there are various top foreign university branch campuses located in Malaysia. There are pathway programmes also which will prepare students to be eligible for the direct programmes.

Top Programmes Malaysian Universities Offer for International Students

Malaysia is a very well-regarded country for its renowned universities and fascinating courses. Some of the top programmes have been listed below-

Top Programmes

❖ American Degree Transfer Programme (ADP) ❖ Psychology ❖ Construction Management ❖ Product Design ❖ Software Engineering ❖ Architecture ❖ Engineering ❖ Medical Science ❖ MBBS ❖ Business Administration ❖ Accounting ❖ Marketing ❖ Computer Science ❖ Dual degree ❖ Data Science ❖ Public Health ❖ Tourism ❖ Culinary Arts ❖ Information Technology ❖ Hospitality Management

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How much does an international student’s student visa cost in Malaysia?

The price ranges from USD 184.20 to USD 3547.5 depending on the home country, selected university and programme.

Is proof of English language proficiency required to obtain a student visa in Malaysia?

IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, or other available acceptable tests must be taken to demonstrate English language proficiency when you hail from a country where English is not the native language.

Can an international student with a student visa work in Malaysia?

International students are allowed to work part-time for 20 hours per week during semester breaks and holidays lasting seven days or longer, according to the Malaysian Immigration Department.

Can an international student stay in Malaysia after graduation?

If a company sponsor the work permit then it will enable you to work legally in Malaysia.

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