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Spicejet – Worst Service Provider in India


Spicejet.. Are they doing business or cheating with customers?

Spicejet is a renowned airline company in India. During covid their business was down due to cancel of all flights. But that time they took bad steps. They started cheating on their customer.

During the starting period of covid, all airline canceled their flights and gave the amount ticket price to Credit shield. All airlines expanded the use of credit shield time but Spicejet didn’t do that. At first, Spicejet gave 6 months’ time for the credit shield. But in 2021, the pandemic situation was dangerous. At that time flights were also shut down. All airlines expanded credit shield balance time to 2023 but Spicejet didn’t. They (Spicejet) took off all the credit shield balance of their customer’s account. They assured their customer about a full refund. Since 2021 May, they are assuring their customer that customer will get the full amount as a refund. But till this report ($th July 2022) Spicejet concerned person didn’t pay a single penny or refund to their customers.

We have received many complaints about their unfair policy from international clients. We already verified it and got this news true. Some screenshots are sharing for our clients.


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