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Digital Marketing & On Page SEO

Planning, developing, implementing and managing the overall digital marketing strategy in different platform with advance SEO services.

Creative planning and execution of all the digital marketing campaigns in Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google and YouTube. On page and off page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for google ranking and sharing database on regular basis. Handover the project after completion. Up to 6 months support.

Digital Marketing Platform Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Instragram, Twitter, Youtube
On Page SEO Wordpress Yoast Premium services up to 1 year
Off Page SEO Any CMS Blogging, Link building, Keyword research
Keyword Research No limits Semrush Premium service

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SIC provides professional consultancy service to our valued clients and help them finding suitable best services for their business. Easy to use tools with friendly interface and 24-hour monitoring service. We have made it super easy but most effective to use our service. No complicated hook-ups.
With our intuitive online chat, reaching out to us is just a fingertip away. We're here to answer any questions you may have.
More than just a service, we also provide other services that you may need to help improve your business performance. We also have free information you can consult with our expert.

Seeing real results and growth in your business is truly possible. You just need to take action, make the right moves, then watch your business rise to the next level.
SIC will provide other logistics support e.g. notary, police verification, Grantor support and all other logistic support in Bangladesh. Our agent will provide other lofistic support and, other formalities also.