Chinese Scholarship Guidelines

China Scholarship Guideline

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Over the past decade, China has established one of the largest higher education systems in the world. Chinese graduates dominate the largest numbers worldwide annually, with many excelling in different industries and fields. China is also home to top-tier universities that have kept moving upwards in major global university ranking tables.

Recognizing the role of quality education in national industrialization and social progress, the Chinese government offers numerous scholarships for resident and international students. In fact, China is one of the most generous countries providing scholarships to foreign students and there are currently over 50,000 international students in China with scholarships.

Check this article for more detailed information on every type of scholarship:

How Much Are Chinese Scholarships Worth? 

There are partial and full scholarships. They can include a portion or all of the tuition fee, accommodation, and some will pay living expenses every month which can be worth up to $30,000 USD.

Types of Scholarships in China in 2024

Dulguun is from Mongolia and has successfully received scholarships to study in China. Now she is an admissions officer at China Admissions based in Beijing.

CSC Scholarships – Chinese Government Scholarships

CSC scholarships are one of the most common scholarships awarded to international students. Provided by the Chinese Scholarship Council, this type of government scholarship is a initiative of the Chinese Ministry of Education to promote education, cultural exchange, political cooperation and mutual understanding between other countries and China. CSC scholarships can be partially or full-funded.

CSC does not cover MBA programs, MBBS programs (MBBS have very limited scholarships), or those programs with a very high tuition fee. You will need to look at the other types of scholarships below.

NOTE: There are many different websites with information about CSC scholarships, but the official website of the Chinese Scholarship Council is:

There are 279 different universities that can accept CSC scholarship students. The list is here.
In order to apply, you will need the agency number which you can find here.

Chinese Embassy Scholarships

Some students ask us about Chinese embassy scholarships. This is actually the Chinese Scholarship Council scholarship Type A which is handled by embassies all around the world (see the video above). You can read more here. The complete guide to apply to Chinese Embassy Scholarships/CSC Type A is here.

Chinese University Scholarships

The majority of universities in China offer scholarships for students. These scholarships can cover your tuition fees, as well as the cost of your accommodation.

Most of the time, these scholarships are offered to students who apply early, have high grades, or have other exceptional extracurriculars. You can increase your chance of winning a university scholarship by earning high scores in your classes, having relevant and exceptional work experience, or doing other activities like volunteering or research. Sometimes, you may also be asked to submit a formal application. Other times, the university will consider you automatically for such a scholarship.

United International College offers limited scholarships for academically exceptional students. Check it out here.

Xiamen University is offering five different scholarships for international students so they can study in China. The application process to apply for university scholarships is more simple than CSC scholarships. You can see the full list here.

Jiangsu University also offers all the students who apply through China Admissions a presidential scholarship. You can apply here.

SUSTech also has full undergraduate scholarships for the top-ranking students (very competitive scores in Maths and Sciences required).

There are 150+ university scholarships on the official Chinese school scholarship webpage, including for top universities like Peking University, Renmin University, Shandong University, and East China Normal University. See the whole list here.

To see more scholarships, you can search for programs on our website here, and see which programs have the “Scholarships Available” tag next to them like this:

MBA Program Scholarships

We have a complete list of MBA programs with scholarships: Click here.

There are 11 total MBAs with dozens of scholarship opportunities for you.

Confucius Institute Scholarships

The Confucius Institute Scholarships are another type of Chinese Government Scholarship. The Complete Guide to the Chinese Government Scholarship is here.

You can apply for the Confucius Institute Scholarships by applying to the university and the Confucius Institute website at the same time.

City Scholarships

Many cities have scholarships to attract more international students. Have a look at some of these scholarships here:
– Beijing City Scholarship
– Jiangsu Jasmine Scholarship
– Shanghai City Scholarships
– Yiwu City Scholarship
– Liaoning Scholarships
– Ningbo City Scholarship
– Hangzhou Government Scholarship

See the complete list here.

CCN Scholarships

China Campus Network is a consortium of Chinese universities. They offer an international foundation program in Chinese. After taking the program you can get a scholarship to study Bachelor’s in Chinese. You can learn more about CCN here and the scholarships here.

BLCC Scholarships

Beijing Language and Culture College also has a similar scholarship at Tianjin University. Learn more here

Private Scholarships / Others

These types of scholarships are offered by distinguished alumni, big companies and charitable institutions. Independent scholarships can cover the full or partial tuition fee and are usually awarded to international students who have an exemplary academic record.

Have a look at our list of scholarships in China here. It includes scholarships like British Council Scholarship

Can You Apply For Scholarships on China Admissions?

You cannot apply for scholarships on China Admissions. Chinese scholarships are awarded by the universities/Chinese government, so you will need to apply to these organizations directly.

5 Tips to Apply for the Scholarship 

1) Apply early – the application deadline is open for a limited time only, so you need to apply on time. There are often too many students applying and so it may be hard to get feedback. Apply to multiple universities and scholarships. It is very competitive so it is better to apply to numerous opportunities.

2) Contacts – Try to get in contact with someone from the university and/or embassy so they can check your application documents are correct.

3) Prepare Documents Carefully – Because there are so many students applying it is important that you prepare all your application documents correctly. If you do not prepare them correctly then your application may not be processed.

4) Learn Chinese! 

5) Get High Grades and a Good CV

Scholarships are often given to the most academically advanced students, high-achieving, ambitious, and exemplary students with good work experience, high scores, or unique project experience. Focus on keeping your grades up and being an involved student leader to increase your chances.

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